List of Services

Giving is Caring. Gifts are vessels of care, love, and devotion tangible expressions carrying our emotions. They forge connections and deepen bonds between hearts in meaningful, heartfelt ways.

Personalized Portrait & Portfolio Image

Personalized Portrait

Step into your wildest dreams. Swap faces with Hollywood heroes, soar through surreal landscapes, or become the captain of your own fantastical adventure. Our AI tools and skilled artists are your partners in imagination, crafting personalized portraits that ignite laughter, awe, and cherished memories. It's the ultimate gift for yourself or loved ones – an unforgettable gift brought to life. 

Portfolio Profile Image

Your portfolio image is more than just a picture; it's a powerful first impression and a gateway to your artistic soul. We collaborate with you to tell your unique story through a captivating visual narrative. 

Personalized Apparel

Make memories, wear your style. LaSquare's personalized apparel: for every occasion, every you.

Request us, mark it, then it's yours.

Custom Craft Template

Spread Joy & Love. Handmade crafts connect hearts with heartfelt creativity. 

LaSquare empowers your creativity with tailored craft templates. Love our designs but crave a personal touch? Send your ideas - we expertly craft custom templates, transforming your vision into reality.

For any craft or any idea for your project, we can assist you with designing the templates you need. Let's collaborate.

Contact us for the details.

Fan Art Prints

Visit our Print stores at Redbbuble and TeePublic

Bring your favorite characters to life! Commission personalized fan art for print or digital. Let's chat!

Brand Identity Design

Elevate your brand identity with our design services.

We collaborate with entrepreneurs and brands to create visual stories that captivate audiences and build lasting connections.

Why your brand identity matters:

Ready to make your mark? We offer mid-level brand identity packages tailored to growing businesses. Let's discuss your vision and bring your brand to life.

Google Site Set-Up

Launch your online presence seamlessly with our website setup solutions. 

Building a brand or showcasing your talent shouldn't cost a fortune. Ditch expensive websites and unlock the power of Google Sites with our design and set-up services. We transform your free Google Site into a stunning hub that impresses clients and showcases your brilliance, without draining your profits.

Greeting Cards

Elevate your heartfelt sentiments with our stunning collection of greeting cards. Whether it's for birthdays, anniversaries, or special occasions, our meticulously crafted cards are designed to capture the essence of every heartfelt message. With a wide variety of designs and themes to choose from, you'll find the perfect card to express your emotions. Browse our high-quality selection now and make someone's day truly extraordinary with our exceptional greeting cards. 

Personalized service

If you'd want a Personalized/Original artwork print with a hand-crafted stand as a finished physical product, please consider our listing HERE

If you'd want a digital version of Personalized/Original artwork, please consider our listing HERE