3D Sunflower Pop-up Card Tutorial

Pop-up cards have become increasingly popular as they offer an interesting and surprising design inside a greeting card. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of creating a delightful DIY pop-up Sunflower greeting card.

Sunflowers, known for their association with the sun and their ability to brighten anyone's mood, make them a favorite flower for both men and women. While you can easily find and order a Sunflower pop-up card, there's something special about a handmade card that can't be replaced. LaSquare understands the value of handmade, and that's why we have created an easy version of a Sunflower pop-up card that is perfect for beginners. Let's embark on this creative journey together! 

Step 1: Prepare Materials

Before you begin crafting your sunflower pop-up card, gather all the necessary materials. This includes colored cardstock, scissors, glue,... etc, especially Sunflower Pop-up greeting card template.

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Cut/print board: A4 paper size

Heavy Cardstock

Glue solutions

Step 2: Make the Shapes of Patterns

Using the provided templates, trace and cut out the shapes needed to create the sunflower pop-up mechanism.

Make the shape for Petal & center layers, leaves: Fold then use glue to fix the shapes.

Step 3: Assemble the Layers

Carefully fold and glue the various layers of your sunflower pop-up card. This process will bring your sunflower to life, making it appear three-dimensional when the card is opened.

Insert floral layers into the Inner card then glue down to the card cover.

Step 4: Decorate with Leaves

Enhance the beauty of your sunflower by adding additional decorative elements such as leaves.

Step 5: Make the Envelope

To complete your sunflower pop-up card, don't forget to create a matching envelope. Choose coordinating cardstock and follow the measurements and folding instructions provided by LaSquare. A well-designed envelope adds a professional touch to your handmade card.

Step 6: Write the Letter and Complete

Finally, write a heartfelt message to accompany your sunflower pop-up card. Express your love, appreciation, or warm wishes for the recipient. Place your completed card in the envelope, and it's ready to be gifted or mailed to your loved one.

By following this step-by-step DIY tutorial, you can create a stunning pop-up sunflower greeting card that will impress and delight the recipient. Handmade cards hold a special meaning, and with LaSquare's easy-to-make version, even beginners can enjoy the process. Spread happiness and bring a touch of summer to someone's day with this unique and thoughtful handmade card.
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