3D Lotus Pop-up Card Tutorial

The Lotus flower holds significant symbolism across cultures and is renowned for its beauty and spiritual meaning. It is often associated with purity, enlightenment, and spiritual awakening. Lotus flowers are typically associated with the summer season, particularly in regions with warm climates, and are popular in Countries like India, China, Egypt, Vietnam, Thailand, and Japan.

Lotus pop-up card design is a bit similar to the Peony pop-up card and Sunflower pop-up card which is not as intricate as the Rose pop-up card, this project requires printed parts such as the Card Cover, Inner Card, Letter, and Leaves.

We provide templates suitable for cutting machines like Cricut, Silhouette Studio, laser machines, and PDF printable version for printer. 

1. Prepare Materials

Gather all the necessary materials for this delightful project. We'll outline the items you need to bring your 3D Lotus pop-up card to life, ensuring you're fully equipped for a seamless crafting experience.

Peony pop-up greeting template

Heavy Cardstock

Glue solutions

Step by step

 2. Prepare Patterns

Before diving into the creation process, gather all the necessary patterns. Follow these step-by-step instructions to ensure precise and accurate shapes for your card.

3. Special Lotus Center: Original Design by LaSquare

Discover the unique Lotus Center design created by LaSquare. This original element adds a touch of creativity to your pop-up card, making it truly special.

4. Lotus Pop-up Assemble

Follow the step-by-step instructions to assemble your Lotus pop-up card. In this step, you'll need to assemble three layers of Lotus petals then insert them in the Inner card, after that insert the Lotus center and then glue them to the Card cover, make sure you leave space on the left of the card for the Letter.

5.1 Decorate & Envelope A Making

To complete your Lotus pop-up card, don't forget to make the envelope that perfectly fits your card style. There are three options of envelopes for you which are A - print envelope (color), B- Line print envelope (no color), and C- Print & cut envelope (suitable for small cut-board cutting machine).

In this step, you'll use Thick double-sided tape to glue down the leaves and make Envelope A.

5.2 Envelope B making

Now that your Lotus pop-up card is complete, it's time to add a heartfelt greeting.